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  • Hey I'm interested in the frag tank if it is still available. I can pick it up whenever you are ready. Call me at 775-657-0383 thanks dave

    We will start at 11:00 am, and that is the right address in Windsor. We will be having a potluck so bring anything you would like to share. Diablocorals will be there so you are more than welcome to buy some corals from him.

    Hey there Tom, my wife and I are going to be joining you guys for the meeting on the 8th. Just want to make sure the address is the one from right below this message. 837 Starr Circle? Also what should we bring? I dont have any frags to swap, but i know we would like to buy some, and as for food what can we bring that can be helpful. Oh and what time should we be there?
    Bill and Kelsey
    I am at the same address 837 starr circle windsor. I am usually home after 4 pm on mon. tues, and after 7:30 on wed,thurs,fri
    if your not using it I would love to have some. PM me your new address and I will stop by after I get back from Tahoe.
    Not for a while man, my tank isin transition so everything is suffering, hopefully the tank eill be ready by Dec. When I frag again I'll let you know
    Bump on the Toad stool. Need to set time and day to pick up and pay for said Softie.
    Mike let me know what is best for you I get off work just after 4:00
    later he was suspended or banned. Since i am having problems with
    the packs and I was trying To copy the pics in his thread, to use the pics
    For refer when discussing the resolution. Thanks

    His name is david chan ' ROSh '
    Hey Tom,
    Thanks for the reply, since you are mod. For this selling forum, correct?
    I need your assistance, about 2.5 weeks ago purchase 2 frag packs at
    The same time ,
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