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    F/S - 61" Aquatic life T-5 Hybrid

    Sold please close
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    F/S - 61" Aquatic life T-5 Hybrid

    Selling my aquatic life t5 hybrid. Light comes with the radion and the kessil mounting brackets. Has the 18" wide space in currently. I also have a hanging kit for it I would include. Does come with 2 good bulbs age is unknown. Asking $275 obo. Located in Trinity. PM is key
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    IM 25 Gallon Lagoon For Sale

    Tank sold thank you
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    IM 25 Gallon Lagoon For Sale

    Selling my IM 25 Lagoon tank that was in my bedroom. I have consolidated into one tank. Tank does have some minor scratching but nothing that would take your eye from the tank or distract you. Also the tank does have a small chip on the bottom but has never been an issue to me or the previous...
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    ISO: Peninsula Tank

    There is a reef savvy for sale on Facebook market place.
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    Where did everyone go?

    Honestly I know a lot of people still in the hobby just not posting anymore. Used to see a lot of activity on Face book but even there not much anymore..
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    Does anyone local make large glass tanks ? 96x36x24 Thanks,Jim

    Yes sir! I was able to find this number on their facebook page (800) 652-4918.
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    Equipment for sale

    well well well who do we have here.... What are you planning....
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    3 weeks using Vibrant. Amazing results!

    Ordered it to give it a shot! Do not have a major issue but never know and I do not think it can cause any issues dosing it normally.
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    Looking to sell everything!!

    I am interested. no way to communicate with you so please post a way
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    Innovative marine nuvo 40 for sale

    man I thought this sold!! I should of texted you sam!
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    The BobbyV Build - 150 Rimless Starphire with Shadow Overflow 60x24x24

    look good! I just got water in my planet aquarium 130)60x24x21) yesterday!
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    Ecotech Marine M1 f/s

    Finally making the change over to the new tank and upgrading to an L1 so I am selling my M1. Pump has only been ran at 50% at most since setting up. I am located in trinity and pump will be available for pick up this weekend.
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    Trigger Systems CRYSTAL SUMP 36

    Selling a brand new never used Trigger Systems Crysal sump 36. Specific details are below. Asking $225 or will trade for small IM all in one tank. Located in trinity Dimensions: 36″ long x 14″ wide x 15″ high Drain/Skimmer Section: 12″ x 13.5″ Center/Refugium Section: 12.25″ x 13.5″ Return Pump...