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    Unidentified crab, please help

    I agree with a type of Xanthid crab. Not all crabs from the Xanthidae family are bad. For example, Pom Pom crabs are Xanthids. There is something like 572 crab species in this family. They aren't all bad. Nor can they all be expected to behave in the same way. Most reefers would remove...
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    Someone help me to ID this ¿?Big Bug¿?

    Try looking up Hippa or Emerita to learn more about them.
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    What is this?

    Link didn't work for me.
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    milepora crab id good or bad

    Cymo melanodactylus. Well known for eating sps tissue. Best to remove.
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    The good the bad and the ugly acro crab thread

    Trapezia cymodoce. Yes they can cause problems. If the coral isn't large enough or producing enough mucus for this crab species they can and will graze on coral tissue. They really need a much larger coral host than what this one is currently on. This would be the only Trapezia I would...
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    another crab ID?

    They also wrote next to scientific name, "Unidentified grapsid crab." Apparently, they have no idea what they are talking about on that site.
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    wolf crab?

    Pilumnus sayi
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    Known species to nip at SPS' polyps

    I don't think all instances are caused by diet. But I am definitely in this camp.
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    Pix & ID: Critters that come in your rocks: the good and the bad.

    taylorking2000, you will need better photos for a id. But it does appear to be a crab from the Xanthidae family. Most reefers would remove the crab. Have you thought of trying the weighted bait and jar method. If you catch him take some more photos for a proper id.
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    More advice please

    You may want to get your anemone and crab id. Are they both hitchhikers or did you buy them? Do you have any photos?
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    The good the bad and the ugly acro crab thread

    Here is some general information on sps crabs. Trapezia and Tetralia crabs are smooth, no hair. An easy way to tell the difference between the two genus are the claws. Trapezia have claws of equal size. Tetralia...
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    The good the bad and the ugly acro crab thread

    biggles has provided solid information. Anything in the Trapezia and Tetralia genus is considered beneficial. I have never seen the crab biggles has provide with a solid id, but do know they can be found on sps corals. Perhaps a type of Chlorodiella? Also, another species to look out for is...
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    Acro crab or bad one ID?

    I think most reefers would agree with removal. These guys do tend to munch on sps tissue. Great photos by the way.
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    Acro crab or bad one ID?

    I agree with your thoughts. Juvenile Cymo genus crab. Teddy bear crabs are Polydectus cupulifer, very different crab species.
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    Made the classic mistake

    How large are the tanks that housed the horseshoe crabs? How many crabs per tank?