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  • I believe it was an issue however I had a lot of things happen in quick succession to create a "perfect storm" so I am not sure how much I can actually blame on the DI resin leeching because I stopped using it but I think it was a contributor.
    Oldude I saw in an earlier thread you had issues with RTN and suspected your quickly depleting BRS DI resin. I am having same issues. What was your conclusion? Sorry if I missed if you had already mentioned it.
    Thanks very much. I think all the info you are asking for can be found in my build thread link shown below.
    Hi Oldude
    Im new to the forum and live in South Africa.
    Your tank is "WOW" and the colours are amazing!
    Your tank will be my new inspiration and hope to learn all that is needed to achieve the same goal.
    Any husbandry info to share will be much appreciated.
    Hi Oldude,

    Do you have a jurnal I could read up on. Your system... well if we could swap. He He.

    Interested in your set up and you dosing etc, coral food etc

    Regards Roger
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