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    Am I going to die?

    I wore gloves when I fragged them but I am just worried about ingesting the saltwater from the newly fragged zoas...
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    Am I going to die?

    I am new to corals and zoas and when I just bought some the seller told me all these horror stories of people in the hospital and dead from the zoas poison. I just fragged some today... obviously they expelled some of their poison right?... and then when I was doing a water change about 8 hours...
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    Please! quick tip before water change?!

    Hi all. I have been mixing rodi and salt in a bucket for now 12 hours but I used a pump and heater from my tank and am now thinking that would have spiked ammonia in my bucket of water. Can I add it to the tank or should I use prime? Sorry if this is a confusing question, just worried about...
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    Question for Reefbreeders and Chinese box led owners!

    HI Reef Central. I am having a horrible time trying to figure out how I should run my leds and am hoping you guys could share your intensity and time schedule with me or give me some advice on how to properly run/use them. I have another tank with a kessil 150 and every coral I put in does...
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    Hitchhiker help

    fire bristle worm?
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    My Tank - Saltwater REEF

    ...but you got someone else to set it up?
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    coral placement in new tank

    Awesome I will do that thanks
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    coral placement in new tank

    Hey guys. I just bought some green zoas. They came from a 20 or 25 gallon tank with the orbit metal hailide light. I think those are like single 75w double ended bulbs. I have a kessil 150w. Can I place it at the top of my tank?? :sad2: Thanks!!!
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    Coral prices

    okie dokie. thanks for the feedback guys. i really appreciate it.
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    Coral prices

    Hi RC. I need to sell these Zoas and have never sold corals before. What would be a proper price? Anyone figure a range? Thanks!
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    Reefbreaders LEDs are not bright enough?

    Hey guys. Can I grow frogspawn and other corals with a reef readers? 32 inch. I just put some coral in and they are not doing as well as the tank with my kessil 150w in it. Also, is 82 degrees too hot? I have my heaters off and it is still at that temp. Thanks for any feedback.
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    Trying to understand hair algae...

    Thank you both for the replies, good stuff to know!
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    Can I stop feeding my fish frozen foods?

    Hey guys. quick question. I have been feeding my three fish frozen foods like marine cuisine, brine, and mysis. Can I go back to just pellets after 8 months? Will they eat it and survive???:uhoh3:
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    Reef Octopus 110 or Eshopps psk 75 skimmer

    Can I buy your 75? are you selling it here on RC?
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    Question about adding sand to established tank. and Sponge question.

    If i turn my sump back on with the filter pad in place. Is it bad for my overflow for all the dust to go through? I have never had a sump and overflow before.