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  • Hey man! the most important thing with the dragon moray is water quality. If you can keep you 125g water quality up to par, then I see now reason that your dragon can't live in there long term. Sadly, I had to give mine away when I moved out but will definitely be getting more when our house is done. They're the reason I got in to marine fishleepibg and diving. Also on your yellowmargin question. Typical gymnothorax behavior. Also, they can be a bit more aggressive then most. Not as much as a dragon but one of the few eels that chase you when your diving!
    Can anyone help me out with this? I ordered a Jeweled Moray ( Muraena lentiginosa ) and received a Yellow edge moray ( Gymnothorax flavimarginatus ) has anyone had any experience with these Morays in the tank? besides growing to 7+ feet do they act like other large Gymnothorax sp and eat everything including other Morays? any info would be great. He's about 24" right now alone in a 90 gallon
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