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    Lighting suggestion 90g 36x24 with a hood

    Looking for a lighting suggestion for my tank 90g 36x242x24 with a hood Lighting for BTAs
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    Mounting ATI Sunpower inside the canopy or DIY mounting legs

    Is it going to produce too much heat if the t5 fixture is mounted in the hood
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    Mounting ATI Sunpower inside the canopy or DIY mounting legs

    Mounting ATI Sunpower inside the canopy or DIY mounting legs I picked up an ATI Sunpower used and want to mount it in the canopy, my wife likes the closed top look. I would like to see pictures of how others have mounted the ATI fixture in a canopy or DIY mounting legs
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    Help 6 bulb ATI sunpower with LED bars

    Picked up a 6 Bulb 48" ATI Sunpower at my LFS with no DC power adapters for the fans or LED bars 3 power adapters/ supplies 1 for the fans 2 for the LED bars What power supplies do I need to pick up Thanks Ken
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    Aquascaping questions

    Aquascaping questions I have a 15g Aqueon column tank 13L x 13W x 19H and getting ready to try different aquascapes. Generally how much space is needed between glass and rock work for different setups Any examples I have some tonga branch and Pukani SPS LPS Softies & Zoo's Thanks
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    Anemone vs Coral

    Thanks for all the feedback, just trying to visualize something that’s appealing to the eye but not overdone, too much of one thing, plus not getting upset from the anemones moving or getting larger killing everting it come in contact with. Zoas would be great but they are on the small side and...
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    Anemone vs Coral

    Greetings I am in the process of getting everything together for an primarily anemone tank. From doing research and experiences that BTAs pretty much will kill off everything it comes in contact with. What reef weed could be used to for fill in the empty spaces on the rockwork, just looking for...
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    Smallest propeller pump

    Who makes the smallest propeller pump and model number I pick up a couple of tunze 6015's way to big for my Nano Thanks
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    Trying to drill petco tank, failing miserably

    I use a wood templet 3/4" , use a hole saw on the wood the same size as the diamond bit, used spring clamps to hold it in place run the hose up to the diamond bit and you will be good to go. On the thin glass very light pressure, the diamond bit sands the hole through the glass.
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    Narrow acrylic tank - do I have to go DIY?

    Here is mine, 48"x8"x8" gathering everything to put it together now. It 1/4" glass, just picked up a used tank locally on the cheap and built it.
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    Skimmerless on nano?

    The tank will be mixed LPS & SPS, 13g desktop- 55g under the desk. I am gathering all the equipment to finish up setting my Tank 13g with 55g sump/50% volume, about 30 gallons combined. Lighting will be T5. Refugium if needed? I plan on running extra filtration in the sump, more rock. Also I...
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    Best $100 Protein Skimmer?

    I am looking for a Protein Skimmer for my nano setup, total water volume 40g, The SC Aquariums SCA-301 Protein Skimmer is $100,Is the a better deal out there, value for the $ Thanks
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    Setup Recommendations

    Setup Recommendations I Went through and read a bunch of the Featured Nano Reef Aquariums and there are quite few that do not use a protein skimmer, most run GAC, and do frequent water changes and dose different things. Shooting for LPS, flower anemones and easier SPS, monties , birds nest...
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    Going No Skimmer

    TimFish From the articles, GAC is better at removing DOC and that Protein skimmers max out about 30% TOC/DOM. Carbon dosing and protein skimmers "œFinally, mechanical filtration in the form of skimming but not GAC does provide an effective means of bacteria export, at least up to a point. It...