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    What do you guys think of my plans.

    Skimmers and ATS do NOT do the same thing An ATS creates an area to grow algae on to remove PO4 from the water column. Skimmers remove small particulate matter like fish poo.
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    Macro Alage ID site

    I just got in some live rock from to add to the biodiversity of my tank. Amazing stuff, if it grows on rocks this stuff has it. I want to be sure to fully remove and non desirables on it. Anyone know of a good site to ID macro algae?
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    Pukani Rock leacing PO4 like mad

    Thanks Steve. I really don't deserve the credit though. I just came here looking for help and the amazing people that make ReefCentral what it is are the ones that really deserve the credit. I think the thanks should go to Tom for suggesting the LC dosing and offering his insights
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    New article of mine on phosphate

    Very nice read Randy, very informative Well done!
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    Phosphate Remover (Seaklear)

    SeaKlear makes a number of products for pools. The stuff you want says "Phosphate Remover" right on the botttle.
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    TEK Elite 6 bulb Fixture

    I run a 6-bulb TEK (not an elite) on my 120 and have no problems with sps in the upper 2/3 of the tank. I haven't placed any on the bottom yet but I'm sure they would do fine. With 6" less depth you can do SPS with no problem
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    Coldwater Marine Aquatics Makes it on Reef !!!!!!

    I was there yesterday to pick up a Strawberry Shortcake and had to take many minutes to admire that tank. I'm looking forward to seeing the new additions
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    Coldwater Marine Aquatics Makes it on Reef !!!!!!

    Grats dude!! Is that your tank at Saltwater Fantaseas? I still want to come see your setups someday
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    I don't think the tank is big enough... Moon Jellyfish get up to 15" in diameter
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    Pukani Rock leacing PO4 like mad

    I used a product called SeaKlear Phosphate Remover (it can be found at most spa/pool suppliers)
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    hawaii collecting

    While I'm not a huge fan of this idea it is legal... We stayed in Kihei (can't beat a free condo) and in the tide pools (probably your best bet at catching something) at Kamaole state park (I'm not sure your permit is good at state parks) we say a number of Lawn-mower Blennys, baby convict...
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    Regenerating aluminum oxide PO4 binders.

    The Kent Phosphate Sponge appears to be the same product. From the label... "Renewal: For Phosphate removal product may renewed twice and absorption capacity will be reduced greatly each time. To renew spread 1/4" thick on a baking pan. Place in an oven at 450 for one hour. Let cool, rinse and...
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    GFO vs Hi Capicity GFO

    I do... the stuff is to expensive to not regenerate
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    GFO vs Hi Capicity GFO

    I'm getting ready to pick up some GFO from BRS and I'm wondering what others thoughts are on the Hi Capacity GFO. Is it worth twice the price of the regular GFO?
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    Pukani Rock leacing PO4 like mad

    Those sound like pretty managable levels