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  • Not seeing any that were closed. Sometimes if people posting later get rude, the thread gets closed. Let me know if it happens again and maybe I can find why.
    Hi Minh,

    I recently placed my Mag underneath my LED hydra 26 HD because it was hanging vert near my overflow. He's stayed there and seems happy (didn't walk and feeding) but I noticed on one side the tentacles are white and slightly shrivelled. Is this due to too much light and is it a case of too much too soon? LED's have been turned down to 50% now. Thanks MM
    Hi Minh,
    I am thinking of starting an anemone tank with clownfish. I have a 50 gallon cube. Can you give me some advice on getting started?
    Thanks alot bud, much appreciated!
    Initially starting with BTA's, CORN i guess it's some type of BTA, and LTA's
    We have a hot and humid climate here, so have to use chiller on every system. What should be the ideal temperature set? and for lighting any particular spectrum or preference??
    Thanks Again.
    Hi Mihn,
    I wanna start a singular shallow tank for propagating anemones. would it be a problem placing different species of nems in a singular tank?
    Hey it's Chriatian from the Petco in corpus I moved back to Buda, I was wondering how the aquarium and fish racks are doing?
    Hope you remember me Minh. Making a return to reefkeeping and of course clowns and nems'. Let me know if you have any sources I should be checking. I've downsized to a 100g but its almost rdy. Your tanks look beautiful as always. Hope some old timers are still around, take care---kris
    What is your experience regarding acceptable temperature range for a maxima clam? My tank tends to run 80-83.
    hey minh,

    how is everything going? moved ok? did you ever get the gigantea from the houston guy?

    skyrne_isk is selling one now also. the yellow one he posted on the forum.
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