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    Top Reason Jebao wavemakers stop working and a super easy FIX for them!!!

    David, this is a great fix! I have been using the Jebao pumps for over 5 years now. In that time, I have had 1 wp25, 3 wp40 and 2 rw15. Only one was actually flawed. It wasn't even the pump but the power supply. However, they all seem to have issues with the ceramic bearings getting stuck so I...
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    help! my new clownfish was bite by other clownfish.

    I had a fish who kept the discoloration on a hurt fin forever. However my black ocellaris have been bitten several times and each and every time, the tail grows right back fully colored and all. So I'd put my money on that your clown will be fine so long the other fish doesn't continue with the...
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    Advice for moving tank

    Sounds like a decent plan. I would get a couple or 3 of the rubbermaid 20 gallon brutes and transport everything in them. I wouldn't try to rinse the sand during the move. Instead live only the sand at the bottom of the tank, put the water and inhabitants in the brutes and refill. There will be...
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    Proper diagnosis and treatment

    See this thread. Make sure you do a full water replacement after the last treatment. LINK
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    Reducing nitrates

    Best way to replace the maximum amount of water is take all the water out, thorw away and replace with newly mixed salt water. Make sure you are using RODI. Good luck
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    salinity and dissolved oxygen

    Formulas for salinity to conductivity are normally expressed in psu salinity so that might be a challenge because of seawater ranges. Here's a page with a function: LINK As far as oxygen levels they look like this: LINK
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    Need help with algae in sand

    What kind of algae is it? It's hard to identify from the pictures. Look at methods to reduce your nutrient load such as reducing feeding, adding a sump with macro algae for nutrient export, chemical nutrient reduction such as carbon dosing in any of its forms, using GFO to reduce phosphates in...
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    PH keeps creeping up?

    Reduce your photoperiod and maybe accompany that with vinegar dosing. Vinegar will directly impact the PH issue but carefully done might also help with nutrients in the water and perhaps alleviate the algae problem. However, please do it carefully. Read threads on carbon dosing. The photoperiod...
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    Coral dip?

    There isn't. In one of his life stages, Cryptocarion Irritans (ich) is a cyst that's well suited to resist all kinds of dips. That is also when they would be attached to your pets. Only 3 high success methods to avoid display tank situations are Tank Transfer Method, Copper treatment and Quarantine.
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    Problem with Herbie Method. Please Help

    The compacts don't carry the same reputation as the 1262 or 1260. In fact I have read that the compacts are manufactured by a different company altogether which might have to do with your problem.
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    Duncan and Sand sifting star

    Maybe a metal present in the water? Any submerged metals? If you suspect that, throw a poly filter in the sump and see how things react.
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    Pseudocorynactis / Ball anemone spreading?

    I never treated but their population exploded in my tank. I restarted for other reasons and they didn't come back. Initially I noticed one (just like you) and then about 8 months later there were probably about 100 all over the tank...
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    Possible to turn non-programmable LED's programmable?

    Fixture or lamp? Fixtures can be hooked to timers to be turned on/off. However, not very many can be programmed for dimming. The actual LED or the lamps themselves can mostly all be made programmable by hooking them up to the right drivers (ballasts) and dimming artifacts.
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    Can't actually see it well. Do you have a larger pic?
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    Circulation pumps?

    Turnover should remain at under 10x per hour. This is so that you can more effectively perform your skimming and that you don't stir up sediment in the sump. As for flow, it is all a matter of what you want to keep in the tank. In general, the more the better as long as your inhabitants can take...