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  • Interested in the tank, was at macna yesterday also. What's the best price on tank and stand?
    Hey buddy, this is Anthony from designer corals, we talked at Mohegan and you said you might want myself and my partner Kyle to come to a meeting to sell frags. Let me know when you were thinking you would want us to come, we will bring both tanks and probably around 200 LE frag, I'm sure your members will be pumped.


    Quick question any idea strength of Instant Ocean Holdfast? I am trying to place a dead piece of coral (LR) that weighs about 3 lbs and is fan shaped and arched. I want to bond the skinny part down and have it make a shade overhang spot. It already has a leather glued to it and the other LR piece can't be moved so no drilling and pegging.
    Thanks Harry
    if you are talking about the top for the tank I ordered it from aqutic wildlife but any LFS can order it for you it was like $50 dollars for my 220 and getting the old off just takes time I used a puddy knife and worked around putting it on is easy big tube of silicone and pres it in
    Hey..Brenda's doing better but is in therapy. Would love to go for the trip to Michelle's. See ya at the conference.

    Hi folks, Hope brenda is well enough to see at the meeting Sunday. Have not seen any post on how things are going. I want to re-start the interest for seahorse trip. Charlene
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