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    Returning - Any major changes in the last 10 years?

    I'd say advancements in LED lighting and DC pumps are the biggest things to look at over the last ten years
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    All of a sudden rocks near the top of my tank...

    can you snap a picture to share....
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    70 ish days are what your research will show....when you do it.....
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    New reefer

    dusk to dawn dimming and moon lights are for the viewers benefit ....not the coral...they are not going to make any difference in the health of the coral or the fish
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    letting it die in the tank wont effect the water quality
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    Help with ATI 4 tube 36" T5 fixture (SunPower???)

    start with the old bulbs. Replace one at a time with the new bulbs. one of your new bulbs may be bad. process of elimination ......some fixtures will not work at all if one bulb is bad. When you locate the bad bulb, notify the company that you bought them from......they will most likely send you...
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    Help identifying this red sea tank?

    If it's 4ft long it's not the red sea max 250. the max was around 3 feet long and took 6 t-5 bulbs 3ft long. what are the dimensions ? 12 years ago they only made 2 tanks ....a 65 gal and a 34 gal
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    Help identifying this red sea tank?

    It looks like the red sea max 250, if it is a red sea. this was popular about 12 years ago. It was their biggest and most expensive tank at that time. that tank uses 6 t5 bulbs. If i'ts new, and it's what you want, it should work fine.
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    Green slimer burnt tips cut or not cut?

    I would cut the tips
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    creating a fake reef tank

    chlorine should work but it may bleach the color out of your fake coral over time....
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    temperature problems?

    My tank sees 2 degrees + change all summer....chiller is +- 2 degrees so if i turn it on, it will bring tank down 2 degrees in an hour........80-82 is actually fine too!
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    Ecotech MP10QD design issue

    The older mp10 had a metal shaft that had a ceramic coating. It can't break but the ceramic could wear off.
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    Alkalinity is 12 !!!

    7.9 really isn't bad considering 4 adults and a closed up house......I think i'm just a bit higher with one person in the house.......
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    Alkalinity is 12 !!!

    A lot of reef salts mix up high in alk and calcium.....stay away from using buffer to increase will be a temporary increase and you will keep driving up alk if you continue to add is a function of how much co2 is in the tank/air in the room, you have a lot of...
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    Beneficial Bacteria in the Water Column?

    They would be much better off using new water but using a little of the old substrate..