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  • I got this message on *********. He told me to contact you on here and ask you to contact him.

    If you happen to know Ozoneparkguy can you get him a message to PM me at R2R or
    Thanks for getting in touch already! I went to Manhatten Reefs and I bought 600.00 in frags and they were all dead when I got home, They said they were packed for a trip as long as 48 hrs and we only took 36 hrs from the time they packed them up until I started to Acclimate what wasn't DOA, But all but one Blasto were dead this morning. I hope this guy will do the right thing as I think he Cooked it all with too many heat packs in the Box and they never stood a chance, 600.00 is a lot of money to just loose!
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