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    Big tank owners: How much electricity are you using?

    I have the Tesla Solar and Powerwall batteries. My house feeds off the batteries at night and I have 20% saved for power outages. With a 320g Display and 100g frag tank plus a Tesla Model 3, my monthly bills were $350-450/mo before solar. With solar I've been anywhere from SCE owing me credits...
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    Little tank updated

    It's doing okay. I think it just finally hit "mature" stage to where it can keep sps alive. Fish are doing good at least :)
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    Little tank updated

    Those colonies!! I wish my tank looked like that
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    18 lbs on toggle/butterfly bolt from ceiling 1/2 drywall

    Heaviest I've had is a 36" powermodule led 8 bulb
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    18 lbs on toggle/butterfly bolt from ceiling 1/2 drywall

    I've always hung my ATI fixtures using Toggler bolts on drywall. You can find them at Lowes. They're super strong. I've never had any issues
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    FREE 2/3 Bucket of IO (hard and clumpy)

    Now I feel dumb for not thinking of this...
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    FREE 2/3 Bucket of IO (hard and clumpy)

    I have about 2/3 left Instant Ocean in a bucket that's hard and clumpy. I don't have time to break it apart and use it. Anyone here want it? Pickup only in Hacienda Heights 91745
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    WTB: Japanese Neon Toadstool

    Hi. I'm looking for a Japanese Neon Green Toadstool. The one that has neon green tentacles and neon green base. Thanks!
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    LF Glitter bomb goni

    PM'd you
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    SPS for sale!!! $20 each

    Thanks again Will!
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    FS: Milwaukee Refractometer & Marinepure

    Pickup in Hacienda Heights 91745 I barely used the refractometer. I prefer the ones you look through. Also have some unused marinepure media from the 320 gallon build. Ended up going a different direction for media. Milwaukee MA887 Digital Refractometer - $80 (Barely Used) Marinepure Brick...
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    Good replacement pump for BK300 skimmer?

    Dang seeing your threads scares me.. I have both BK skimmer and return pump. So far I haven't had any issues and I have had a few instances where I cut the power abruptly. Keeping my fingers crossed..