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  • Yellow tang- about 4 inches 25$
    Blue or hippo tang- about 3 inches 20$
    Occilaris clowm- adult female. 5$
    4 stripe damsel- Free to decent home but will probably have to wait till i can thin out the rock so i can catch him.
    nice toadstool leather coral- about a 6-7 inch disc 20$
    frogspawn coral- branching hard coral 5 heads nice looking piece. 25$
    pulsing xenia- pretty decent small colony on a nice piece of rock with lots of sponges and other critters 10$
    live rock- about 85 pounds of cured live rock with no pests HUGE pieces of rock. (awesome for a new tank, skip the cycle)
    sandbed- has a good bacteria colony built up as well as various sand sifters like brittlestars and a couple snails
    Remora pro-c hang on back protein skimmer with mag3 pump- cannot sell till livestock is gone but it will be sold later 100$
    2 powercompact bulb fixture 30" with moonlight leds. 50$
    all stores have deals or great buys from time to time. ya gotta check 'em all out.
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