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  • Hi Paul, I haven't been on this site in FOREVER! For some reason I started getting notifications. I looked at my PM and saw some conversations between you and I. I took my tanks down a few years ago. Just wondered how you are doing?
    Paul B
    Paul B
    Hello Micki. I have not been on this site in a few years. How are you doing?
    Hi Paul I've been reading the moorish idol thread you were posting on... I stopped reading it a few pages after yours passed away... the new guys posting seemed to always want to fight ...anyway I just wanted to say I am using your method of the dish and tube to keep him fed... seems to be working I hope it ...well she ... my daughter named it Henrietta a long and happy life ... any suggestions from you will be great
    I am on *********, Manhattan Reefs, WAMAS, Reef Sanctuary and a few others.
    I have a 100 gallon reef.
    No1bubba. How are you. I no longer post on this forum I just sometimes "accidently" come on here for messages. I would rather you E Mail me at
    Put in fish or something so I know it's you. Thanks Paul
    Love that Corvette but I like the blue chevy better than the Lexus
    Hi, 1964 graduate of a half horse town in PA. You write everything I remember. Exception. Mother made me give up even the goldfish my brother won for throwing the ball at a target. Lucky me, married a great guy that has enriched my life with anything kept in glass cages filled with water operated by electricity. Disabled now after back surgery so had to give up my 125, relocated to Lancaster, pa and started a Red Sea max 260e 5 months ago. Pr. Clowns, red eye hawk, banggai, 3 chromies that have outlived a crash and recycle. Nitrates at 2.5 and fear adding any coral. Any suggestions on a hardy one or two I might start all over again. Took your advice......keep my hands out of the water! Thanks for that. Bubba Shirl 1952 corvette, 56 metallic blue chevy now Lexus, what's wrong with me? Hope your wife is doing better
    Hey man!! What is the approximate flow turn over rate of your tank out of curiosity?
    I used 4" PVC for most of it with about 8" of clear acrylic near the top so I can see the bubbles. PVC is a lot cheaper than acrylic. I built the venture valve from a barb fitting and the top part from regular plumbing fittings. You would really need to see it to understand the construction as I did it a long time ago and don't even remember all the methods I used. If you have a specific question, I would gladly help you.
    I saw your very tall skimmer in one of your posts about ozone. Thinking about making one myself but maybe not quite that tall. I would appreciate any advice on construction you may be able to offer. Thanks
    if you have 2 does one change sexes? I just saw him eat a frozen Mysis!!, the current blew one in front of him and it landed and he ate it, im so happy hahah
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