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    red bugs

    I have a 40 gal frag tank that i put a half pill in .Make sure you try to get hermits out if you can.I have done this a few times once when i had them & every six months to make sure .Treat for 3 days or you will get them back.
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    ORA Red Planet! NICE!

    I got 3 now ,My LFS gets one each week & i can't help myself .They sit there for almost a week & no one gets it It's only $40.
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    how hard are green slimers to keep?

    +1 on that.
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    what was it called when the flesh just starts dying off?

    Remove it & try & frag off the dead stuff & hope for the best.there must be something going on with your water chemistry.
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    Very cloudy tank Please Help

    That is what we call a algae bloom ,It will clear up in a couple days or so.You will need some live rock in that tank as well to get it cycled .Live sand alone will not support anything or much at all.You are going through a cycle give it time & get some good live rock.
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    one year tank pics

    Very nice ,c'mon you can't post pi cs without posting equipment .Thats almost important as the livestock.
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    Any good denitrators?

    Same here using the simple "aquaripure" .It has worked great i use the sugar method instead of vodka.I like my livestock sweet not drunk LOL.
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    Easiest Acros?

    Still not Acropora ,I would stay with captive pieces & ORA pieces also very hardy .
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    Pink Birdsnest

    I checked that & it is still at 8 ,I did all tests when i seen it when i got home .I have kalkreactor & calcium reactor & they are both stable .I use drip method on my reactors.It just puzzles me .I frag a bunch off of it & put them in a separate system to maybe salvage what i can. Thanks for...
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    Pink Birdsnest

    I did it after the problem ,Thats my stupid new camera i am still figuring out with the white balance .That shot was with all my lights on also.
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    Pink Birdsnest

    I have had it for over a 18 months i grew it from a frag.
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    I love SPS!!!!! eye candy!!!

    That tank is going to look great when those corals mature.It looks great now & has some nice colors .
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    Pink Birdsnest

    Ok whats the deal ,This morning when i left for work everything was great ,I get home at 7 pm & my huge birdsnest is almost white all the tissue has came off from the bottom up like RTN does this happen this quick? This colony was around 8" around.I checked all my parameters & nothing was off...
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    Help a brother reefer out!!!

    As salt water craz said screen will help & shorten your photoperiod ,That is not real long .I would go with the screening & try to lower them down .
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    Large SPS photos

    I will play too not as nice as you guys,