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    Stream Help

    Hi, I currently run a 5 * 2 * 2 tank which used to be softies only and now is slowly being changed into an SPS only tank. I have the following in my tank at present : 1 * 6100 Stream 1 * 3500 AquaClear PowerHead 1 * Eheim 1060 Sump Return 1 * Eheim 1060 Closed Loop 1 * OceanRunner 6500 Closed...
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    Stream vs Surge Device

    Hi, if I decide to go for that option, where are the best positions in the tank to place the streams, I presume one at each end, but are they in the middle facing down the length of the tank, or in the back corners facing to the middle of the tank. Will having two return pumps from the sump...
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    Stream vs Surge Device

    Hi, first post, apologies if this has been covered before. I have never seen the Tunze streams in action so cant comment on them, If I got one 6000 stream at one end, (which can be computer controlled) and a 6060 (which cant) at the other and adjust the 6000 to 'pulse' will this create a decent...