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    10 gallon tanks at walmart , can they be drilled ?

    10 bux plus a new living room hardwood floor when it breaks a few weeks later... Not worth the risk in my opinion
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    10 gallon tanks at walmart , can they be drilled ?

    I've drilled about 50 tanks and the only ones i've ever cracked are 10gal. As stated above, the glass is so thin, it is very difficult to drill them without cracking the glass.
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    DIY Sump - expert opinions please

    yeah, ditch the bioballs. For one, bioballs, to work as designed, need to be in a "wet/dry" setup where they are not submerged. However, they generate Nitrates which is a bad thing. Most people are no longer using them. For a sump that size, i would also consider maybe setting aside a place...
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    super skimmer micro bubble mods

    yep - i use a homemade felt filter sock. Works great.
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    Eheim 1260 meshwheel maxed out at 15LPM?

    you are running salt water for your testing right?
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    How to recharge DI resin

    Question... I've been running a separated bed Cati Ani filter for about a year. The instructions say to simply regenerate the resin in the filter housings - not to remove it and regenerate it separately. It seems not mixing it and then not having to remove it to separate it would make this...
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    125 gallon build (and question) thread

    with you sump design, i worry that you will get a ton of microbubbles from the "waterfall effect" from the right chamber. The water level in the return section will be the same as the skimmer section (in order for the left set of baffels to work). Water will be falling 6" from the 12" baffle...
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    how to seal I.O bucket

    it already is waterproof
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    Enlarging an already-drilled hole???

    yeah, not using water is quite risky. It may go slower, but the cooling is to prevent the glass from shattering due to the heat.
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    1 pump for the whole tank?

    The single pump idea will work JUST FINE - just not in the configuration you're wanting to do it. you can do it exactly like you have it in your first drawing except you'll need to move your skimmer to AFTER the pump. just put a T on the main return line to the tank right after the pump. On...
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    simple 156 reef build

    Well, i had knee surgery a week ago and can't put any weight on my leg for a month. And of course, as soon as I get home, my CL pump craps out on me and my skimmer starts acting up. So my reef is on life support until i can get around again and fix things. Other than that, everythings great...
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    Enlarging an already-drilled hole???

    a dremmel and a diamond bit will do it. Use water to keep the bit cool
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    1 pump for the whole tank?

    it won't work well (if at all). You won't get the pressure required (for Beckett) or flowrate required (for venturi) to work well.
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    simple 156 reef build

    Congrats on the small human bud!
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    1 pump for the whole tank?

    While it is normally good to run your skimmer off of the overflow - in this case, i think you would have far too high of flow through your skimmer for it to be efficient. You only want something like 1.5-10x times tank volume per per hour through a recirc skimmer for maximum efficiency...