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  • Hey Pedro,
    I did get your message. I’ll take the 2015 one. My number is 7077044814 text me your PayPal, address and let me know what time you would be available.
    Hi Pedro,

    I am would like to buy one of the MP40s from you, the one's made in 2017. I am located in Oakley so I'm not too far away. Do you take Paypal? Are you available tomorrow for pickup?

    I'm interested in
    AOG over 20 polyps $ $20
    Sunny D's 8 polyps $50
    And a frag of Rastas if available I can't spend the 150 :(
    I can meet at neptunes this sat and send payment via PayPal if you want
    I was told you might have a 60 gal tank for sale?? If so us it rimless? Let me know details if it's still for sale

    I totally missed this post earlier in the month! Would love to buy the fixture, if pcfish hasn't already committed.
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