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    Blue tang swollen again...

    Well he wasnt in cupramine and hypo for more then 2 days before i raised salinity and got rid of copper.. So i dunno what his deal is. Its very frustrating to finally fix ich.velvet and for something new to happen like the yellow tangs bacterial infection and this blowing up blue tang. And fyi...
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    Say it ain't so!!! [Tanked has been cancelled]

    They built nice looking tanks but its not realistic to the actual hobby... dumping 60 fish in a 600 gallon tank. I read they put 10x more fish in the tank to make it look good for t.v then they took all the fish out afterwords. They dont explain n the diatom algae phaze and make it seem to...
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    Quarantining Tank for Tang

    My yellow tang didnt eat for 3 weeks when he was infested with ich... he got skinny.. then after the ich came off during treatment he started eating.. and now he wont stop eating i can feed him every 5 minutes
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    Black Algae?

    Dump some chemi clean in there for 5 days and itll never come back.. at least mine didnt
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    Chemiclean help

    I have no sump when i used chemiclean in my 55g hex. I just use a small airstone right in the tank. Bubbles didnt do anything to my corals or fish
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    Pink condy anemone yes or no ?

    Guess ill hold off then. Maybe get a bubble tip anemone or something
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    Torch coral colony price

    Asian got a problem with that snowflake ? That isnt racist at all so move along. If it were a white guy i woukda said white guy if he were black i woulda said black guy. Soo many people get offended so easily these days its hilarious
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    My tangs school together..

    Upload it to youtube then and post a link of it
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    Blue tang swollen again...

    Something is wrong with this blue tang i got. At first i stopped hypo because i thought the salinity was too low for him.. he was bloating like he had water retention eyes poping out Salinity eventually went back to normal salinity 1.024 frok m 1.009. Took 3 days at normal but he went back to...
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    My tangs school together..

    I hear you but 5 years is still a long time.. 1 to 2 years creeps up on you but 5 by thrn ill have a bigger tabk anyway.. I already want a bigger tank then my 135 lol ive veen looking at 180+ tanks on facebook marketplace and craigslist and stuff. And i have local stores i csn trade fish in...
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    should I upgrade from a 155 bow front to

    Get yourself a 92g corner bowfront then.. I have one and its 36 inches front to back at its longest point and 4 feet long. I have to stand on a chair and dunk ny chest and arm up my shoulder to reach the back bottom of that tank
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    Torch coral colony price

    No i never heard of them until the other day. Petco has nice corals amthey have a bunch of hammer. Bubble corals. Leather. They have a yellow porities bunch mushrooms. And some chalice and stuff right now. They also have two purple cepitularas. There fish selection is better then any local...
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    My tangs school together..

    5 years is a very long time though.. lol
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    Pink condy anemone yes or no ?

    Have a 135g tank have over 35 corals but they are currently in a frag tank. I have a small blue tang. A small naso tang. A yellow tang about 4 inches. And a kole tang with 2 damsels and a flame hawk. I saw this pink condy anemone tonight... looks different then the ones with a pink dot on the...
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    Brown growth on signapore angel ?

    Well i know this sound brutal but i took a flat tip clean soldering iron and burned the wound by dapping it. Dab dab dab not holding it. Gave the fish a brezther in water.. then repeated 2 more times i got in the wound around it. Fish seems to be fine. Swiming around the tank like normal...