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  • Hello it’s Serdar with GEO. I wanted to check in with you regarding your new sump. How is it running? Please email me at sales@geosreef.com
    yo brotha. im nelson. hey im looking for a sniperSPS red devil mushroom and seen you had one a while back. if you happen to have any babies for sale or have a line on one i could purchase that would be awesome. thanks (p.s email is nelson.jdautobody@softcom.net)

    This is Randy from NWS. I have a Des Jardin Sailfin tang that I got when it was the size of a quarter. He is absolutely beautiful. He is now about 5 inches and perfect. I was wondering if you would like to have him for your pirates cove. He needs more space and he would be one that you would be proud to have. I know that you are going for more high end fish, but, I though you might consider if he was free and delivered to you.

    Give me a call at 602-692-2882. This is purely a gift because you have a beautiful tank and I know that you take care of your animals like I take care of mine.

    Please consider Alcatraz. (My wife names all of the fish)
    Scott,you still looking for Purple Monster? I also have Tyree purple dragon eyes,and many others.All with great colors.
    Hi Scott

    Have you decided what light set up you will be having on your large tank ? I am still undecided with my 180 tank that will be 30 inches wide.

    I really suggest that you get a 3/4" thick glass since it's 100" long.
    Anyway good luck !
    What's up scott. Sitting next to you at MACNA! I still want to send you a photo of RJ and have it signed. It was fun meeting you guys, check out reefescape on facebook.

    ok i will take it 200 shipping included correct?send me info so i can paypall you or however you want payment....
    thanks for a great deal on this pump

    ps merry christmas
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