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    Items I'm Not Using for New System - AI, Neptune, T5, Tunze

    Some of this is equipment I saved from my previous set up to re-use and some has been acquired new but can't return. I jhad a couple changes of plans, so things I won't be using can go. Anything new is labeled as such. Prices are OBO and assume local pick up. I will ship (probably not the...
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    Black Elephant Limpets -- $10

    Im NW of Dublin, outside of Columbus. Do you really consider Sandusky "Central Ohio"? lol It's a bit of a haul from here!
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    Black Elephant Limpets -- $10

    I have a bumper crop of black elephant limpets (Scutus antipodes). I got them originally from Norm and had sold off all but 2 when I broke down my last system. I now have about 20 again, which is a bit nuts in a 10G nano tank. $10 each. An algae grazer and interesting addition to clean up crew.
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    Large High End Valves, Dehumidistat, Beckett Injectors

    I have a number of pieces that have been sitting in boxes since I broke down my last system and have decided I won't be needing them next go around. Prices are "or best reasonable offer" and DO NOT include shipping. The valves are bulky and heavy, so best way to fairly price shipping is...
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    Custom GEO Beckett Skimmer for ~ 250-300G System - $300 OBO

    Skimmer $250 pick up, $275 shipped Pump $50 pick up, $75 shipped
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    GEO 618 Kalk Reactor - $150 OBO

    Out of storage, but too big to fit under my next tank set up, so needs to go. Cleaned up now and ready to go. Asking $150 plus shipping.
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    Custom GEO Beckett Skimmer for ~ 250-300G System - $300 OBO

    When I re-establish my main system I'm going more "self contained" with the sump in the stand under the tank, so this beast isn't going to fit. Built by Geo himself, it's about 5 years old, but looks nearly new. It was a scum-sucking machine on my previous system. Box Dimensions 7"x7"x7"...
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    Nanobox duo

    ;)Dave's customer service is top notch, but not sure he should be expected to recite the info from his website to customers. :thumbsup:
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    Nanobox duo

    This info is right on the website: Duo: Channel Break Down : • CH1 - Neutral White, Warm White, Lime and Violet • CH2 - Royal Blue, Blue and Cyan Duo Plus: Channel Break Down : • CH1 - Neutral White, Warm White and Lime • CH2 - Royal Blue • CH3 - Blue and Cyan • CH4 - Violet Duo Plus M...
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    midas blenny question

    Does it have anywhere else to "perch"? Mine have always wanted somewhere to sit and watch what is going on. If there isn't any other structure in the QT, that might be why he stays by the intake. They are not nocturnal eaters in my experience. Mine have always been pigs and swim around out in...
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    DIY Stands Template and Calculator

    First off, thanks again Rocket. I used your design for my first DT stand 6 years ago and it's rock solid still! I now have a design problem with which I need some advice, though. For the same tank (a DSA Neo 90 - 36"W x 24"D x 24"H 1/2" glass, rimmed) I want to build a new stand that has more...
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    2 Pairs AI Sol Blues with Apex VDMs

    Forgot these from my main sale thread. I have four AI Sol Blues, two with black casing, two with white casing. The black casing pair was manufactured March 2012. The white casing pair was manufactured July 2011. I have all 70 degree optics as well as the original 40 degree optics for all four...