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  • i found this line in a huge post.. Are my posts invisible? I used epsom salts and they wiped out my Bryopsis. I think they only reason you're seeing a lot of people using the Tech-M is because it's the most widely available Mg supplement. can you tel me how you used EPSOM? quantity how to add etc....
    omg i could hurt my boyfriend, as much as he is on these forums reading he never ran across your fish to avoid forum, we bought a clown tang about a month ago and it died, so we waited. added shrimp, coral frags etc. so yesterday we buy another clown tang and guess what happened tonight. it died. so needless to say we are never getting a clown tang thank you so much for posting your forum i will read it over and over and not get any fish on your list
    Hi Peter
    I was reading an old thread that you were a part of and it was about starting a tank maintenance business. I have two tanks that I service right now that I sort of got by default, from when I worked at the LFS. I have been thinking about giving it a go and was curious as to where in the progression of your business you are? Any pitfalls, stories, or advice? I am all ears.
    Thanks in advance for your time
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