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    My First Marine Tank

    AS of yesterday 1 month in Cycled Minireef 120 by Peter Ede, on Flickr AI Prime HD16 by Peter Ede, on Flickr Blue Green Chromis by Peter Ede, on Flickr Ocellaris clowns by Peter Ede, on Flickr
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    Have I done the wrong thing buying this Anemone

    Ocellaris clowns Peter Ede, on Flickr Minireef 120 Peter Ede, on Flickr
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    My Linkia Starfish Babies!!! Check this out!

    Unfortunately my little Linkia has vanished. Suspect a crab got it?
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    Is this a barnacle of some kind

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    My Linkia Starfish Babies!!! Check this out!

    Addams family Thing comes to mind Just started my first tank and found a Linkia in my live rock.
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    Day 6 cycling

    This is day 6 of cycling So far it seems the majority of my hitch hikers have survived. Bristlestars, Blue starfish, Pistol shrimp, Crabs, various snails, Sea Urchin and I believe I have corals growing in size 20211118162627__MG_8126 20211118162647__MG_8127 20211118163507__MG_8138
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    Pistol shrimp

    Hitch hiked in on live rock Sorry for the crap shot angled through glass
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    My First Marine Tank

    Aquarium World in Adelaide
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    My First Marine Tank

    According to yesterdays test PH 8.4 Nitrate/Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 So far things look good. Will still leave putting fish in for another week? But may put a shrimp in to help control algae
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    Red Coral Crab

    This came with my live rock
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    My First Marine Tank

    What's considered long these days? Add bottle of bio and add fish? I'm going to give it a few weeks at least
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    Found this in my tank

    Hope it survives. Day 5 cycling My little starfish by Peter Ede, on Flickr
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    If You Are New to Reef Central, Introduce Yourself Here!

    My 2nd Post My 2nd Post Hi All Peter here. I actually joined in 2004 when I was helping a friend with his 4ft tank. I hope I retained some knowledge. Finally got my own tank after 17 years. Minireef 120 Now on day 4
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    My First Marine Tank

    Long time listener, first time caller. Well I joined in 2004 and my account was still active. Only taken me 17 years to put a tank together. So last Friday I received my MiniReef120 which I had filled by the end of the day. Left a day to settle before adding Stability. Purchased some white...