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    Im going to regret this.... I always do (tank breakdown)

    what type of pump were you using for a return. need one of those med size if you have one, doesn't have to be in the greatest of shape just work and not cost a lot
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    75gal 30dollars

    :bum:I have a 75gal and a 40gallonish tank to get rid of 30 dollar takes all you will have to emty it my back wont let me do it there is a pretty good size sucker fish that you can do with as you want
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    ro unit

    spetra pure 90 2:1
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    ro unit

    i need to get rid of this so i will go down to 175 this for a like new unit and all new filters now this unit runs 350
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    ro unit

    I have a spetra pure ro di unit for sale it is a little over year old but it has bareluy used it I had to get out the hobby about a year ago and all the filters are a new filters still in the box I would like 200.00 for this this is a very good deal thank you for looking...
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    wtb a rodi unit

    I have a specta pure RO/DI I got a year or so, only use it for a few months. Then had to get out of the hobby, for medical reasons, I has five filters, Doal Two TSD meters. It is in brand new mint condition, I have all new filters for it. I would lke 200 for this.
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    ro/di Spectrapur RoDi for sale

    item still up for sale my number is 618 8882 8067
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    ro/di Spectrapur RoDi for sale

    I have a slightly used before I had to get out of the hobby It is just over year, I also had have a complete set of filters. It a spectrupure; With dua Dual TDS to so you can check your water twice I would like 250, and filters i would like 50, Call me if interested I will give you number
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    Hey Nook!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE, good to hear you had a satisfying day
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    RO/DI still for sale

    I still have the Spectra Pure RO/Di for sale. It was used less than a year and I have all new filters and membrane for it. So it will be like getting a brand new system. New this unit runs 350 I am asking for 250 for mine This is an awesome deal. This is one of the best RO units made.
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    No Reefs in Yellowstone

    chelsey hon, you amaze me all the time with the pictures you take. You have a very good eye. I have truely enjoyed all the pictures over the years.:beachbum: