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    ID please

    This, your good.
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    Are we killing our eyes!!!!

    I've seen photos of your tank, how can you only spend 10 min looking at it.......:fun4:
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    Getting Rid of this Coral Killing Algae

    I had a similar issue with bubble algae pushing out my zoas, like pushing them off the LR. It took a emerald crab and a revap of my sump light/main tank lights to stop this. The calpura I had in the past was easy to remove manually, just had to be careful if it grew under certain corals. Pulled...
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    Getting Rid of this Coral Killing Algae

    Looks like grape calpura algae. Nutrient control and manual export.
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    Red Sea Pro MG Test Kit WAY Off, Help

    You could try using 1 ml tank water and 1ml RO/DI water mixed together to test. Then multiply your results x2. See what your ball park level is from that.
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    Spots on SPS? Normal?

    I have to agree, it looks like you may have AEFW. Can you pull the frag to dip?
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    Kinda mad

    Did they call you a howlie too?
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    Muriatic acid emergency

    If you add more baking soda to the mixture and there is no reaction (no bubbling) then you have neutralized the acid.
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    Hanna Phosphurous 736 reagents not available?

    I got some on Amazon.
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    Dosing help (first timer)

    Make sure you test first- always test what you dose. Plus, with weekly water changes there may not be a need to dose.
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    Sps and stn

    F&S sells it. Looks like amoxicillin is cheaper. Ampicillin and amoxil are the same class, both are Aminopenicillins.
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    Sps and stn

    Agree. Nice insight into this problem.
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    Removing old acrylic lining....

    Spray on oven cleaner may work, aka No fume easy off. It is safe for styrene plastic so it should work.
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    Mangroves starving out chaeto...your opinion?

    So you had 1 organism to absorb excess nutrients and then added a second to do the same. But are asking why one is declining... The answer seems obvious. Are the mangroves up stream or down stream of the chaeto? Plus chaeto has been known to decline after a peroid of time and can be finicky to...