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    For Sale: MP40Ws, vert tanks, zero edge, and more

    2 - 165 Gallon vertical water storage tanks - $125 each 25 gallon zero edge stand alone tank. - $50 2 - eco tech mp40w vortec pumps - $125 each 1 - Reeflo Blackfin Pump $130 200-225 pounds of dry Rock $75 for all of it More to come. I will text picture upon request, just PM me
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    FS: 220G Glass Aquarium

    PRICE DROP: Aquarium: $350 Sump: $200 Live Rock: $1.5/lb - roughly 300 lbs available
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    FS: 220G Glass Aquarium

    Here are some photos of the tank.
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    FS: 220G Glass Aquarium

    The sump is 4' by 3' and is 18" tall. I can email anyone the Google Sketchup file or PDF I have of the sump that I used for the design
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    FS: 220G Glass Aquarium

    Guys there is no stand for this and also no hood. The tank is 6'L x 36" H x 24" D. I will try and pull up the drawings for the sump for it's dimensions
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    FS: 220G Glass Aquarium

    Like the subject line reads I am moving and need to sell my 220G aquarium. It have a beans method overflow. I will be getting photos tonight. I also have a custom Poly sump that I had DeereG make for me. I will have more for sale as I inventory the basement Aquarium $450 Sump: $250 Live...
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    Reef Safe Silicone

    Bump for my question above.
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    Reef Safe Silicone

    The guy I had helping with occasional tank maintenance leaned on my coast to coast overflow on my 220 and broke the vertical silicon seam that holds the overflow against the back of the aquarium. So I need to fix this, but obviously the tank is full and I can shut the return pump down for a...
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    30 Breeder for sale

    I would take it if you were closer to Canton
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    Looking for Small Nano Skimmer

    In sump or HOB?
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    Red Planet,milles,lobo & trumpets FS

    Levi, I want to hit you up for some cuttings over the holiday break if you are in town. The green birdsnest I got from you had been doing great until the guy I had cleaning my glass yesterday dropped a huge piece of live rock on that and a 12 head hammer colony. - Phil
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    Water on 6105 Connection

    Thanks Roger. I didn't see the end connector on the Tunze parts section of the website. Where can I get this from? Thanks, Phil
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    Water on 6105 Connection

    My wiring for my 6105 fell and in the same time frame an o-ring on a return line check valve has failed and obviously the drip was right above the fallen 6105 connection between the pump and power supply. I am drying it out not, but was curious what I should be expecting that I will need to...
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    Return pump question

    How much head pressure do you have?
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    Live Brine Shrimp near Canton

    I am struggling getting my Copperband Butterfly to eat now that he has devoured all of the aptasia in my 40g tank. I am looking for some live brine shrimp for him. Does anyone near canton have any. I talked to Joe at Ocean Rift and he doesn't have any. Thanks for the help.