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  • I am sorry, I haven't been in the import business for several years, I will ask around but remind me from time to time so I don't forget,
    Hey Bret, I've been good and bad, sick a lot, but I'm next on the llist for a transplant so I hope to move back in a year.

    Robert is around, I'll get his number for you, I don't know it but it is in my phone. My number is the same, 954 839-5303, or email me at my regular email, I don't come on this site that often, but I check my email several times a day.

    Anyway, nice to hear from you, hope all is well, what are you doing? Robert says you no longer work at Rob's shop, are you still in the pet trade? I intend to make at least one more trip to HI before I move back to FL, if you still have a tank I will try to get some bluestripe pipes for you if you want them, red stripes are harder to find, but I always look just in case. They live deeper and in caves and holes, while bluestripes live in very shallow and are common.

    Well take care, great to hear from you, send me a note on my regular email and I'll try to get Roberts phone # out of my phone.
    Phil! How the hell have you been? Was just looking over some pics from Hawaii and saw some of the red stripe pipes and thought of you. How have you been? I tried to call Roberts not too long ago but the number he gave me in Aug had been disconnected! Still out in CA? Anyways Hope all is well

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