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    Congratulations Elliot!

    Hi Elliot, I log in to check out the club for the first time in weeks and see you got TOTM. Congratulations and kudos to a great tank. It's truly an inspiration. -Phil
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    New Video: Elliott's Reef V2

    Every now and then I get the bug. But losing the first reef was so heartbreaking I just don't know. Seeing tanks like yours makes me wonder what could have been with just a couple different breaks. Yours certainly is inspiring.
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    New Video: Elliott's Reef V2

    Very nice Elliot. Nice colors on your SPS. Not sure but you may have a spot for one more coral. :lmao:
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    LF: wrasse suggestion

    One thing to keep in mind as you add wrasses is the established ones can get pretty aggressive towards newcomers. When I had my tank up I had a wrasse acclimation chamber. It was a slotted acrylic box with pvc pipe inside with suction cups I could place the newcomer in and have him be safe from...
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    What Reef temp range fluctuations are OK?

    It's been a while since I had my 150 up but thought I'd give my .02c. Reefs in the wild can easily see 8 degree ranges throughout the day. There was data that showed the parts of the GBR that saw larger daily temp fluctuations had less bleaching from higher temps. This acclimates the corals to...
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    check these out apollo reef led's

    Hey Van, It's because they are on GaN wafers. 6" is standard for GaN. 8" is not yet. Some are still on 4".
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    check these out apollo reef led's

    Hey Dublo, Well the answer has to do with first of all how big the LED itself is. Then the materials the high power LED is built on(called the substrate) is very different and more expensive. Then the packaging, heat sinks are different. Finally there is the phosphor that is used to turn the...
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    LED Lighting

    LEDs have high upfront costs and the high power Crees are roughly equal to a 250W Phoenix 14K in a real good reflector/ballast combo in terms of efficiency. They MUST be used in a well ventilated hood as if they are allowed to overheat the stated 50000 hr lifetime degrades in a hurry. LEDs are...
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    Looking for info on Emerald Crabs

    Oh they were getting fed. Emeralds are known for being algae, valonia, eaters early then when they get big turn omnivorous.
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    Tearing down tank (for about 6 hours)

    Wow sounds like quite the day. Good luck and say Hi to Skip for me.
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    Looking for info on Emerald Crabs

    Hard to say. Need to look at the claws. If they end in points then they will at some point attack fish. I had a few get aggressive towards my wrasses at night when they got 2" or so. Wounded more than one. One took out my small pistol shrimp. Had to take them all out. Weeelll actually it was...
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    What I thought was STN from an alk swing is aefw

    Well that would be the absolute first time I have ever heard of it. Folks were going so far as to leave frags in tanks with camel shrimp because nothing else will pick them off. They are near invisible. The 6 line may be going after red bugs or pods.
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    What I thought was STN from an alk swing is aefw

    BTW wrasses WILL NOT pick them off the corals although they will eat them if blown off into the water column. This is not a cure but "may" serve as a level of control.
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    What I thought was STN from an alk swing is aefw

    Here's a pic of what mine looked like. And if you had worms that big they are in every corner of your tank. Sorry. The brown blurry mess at bottom are the huge clusters of eggs. [/IMG]
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    causes for a shrimps death

    How old are your shrimp? They only live a couple years.