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    I finally went big 210g

    I forgot about this thread. I JUST sold off all of my reef tanks so the 210g is gone and went to a new owner. I`m currently out of the hobby but plan to return in the future sometime down the road when time allows it again.
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    Need some help setting up a kalk reactor

    Hope you dont mind the help from a non CMAS member LOL The way its designed it should not have slurry mix all the way to the top if its mixing. It should go 1/2 to 2/3 of the way up. Its the reason the out port is on the lid with no tubing extending down. If refilling the reactor with Kalk the...
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    Need some help setting up a kalk reactor

    Its most likely a drain line so you can remove some water to add more kalk mix to the reactor. The Geo unit I have is pretty much the same in its design and has a valve to let some water out for cleaning/filling/etc Its seen here BTW the...
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    Paint for inside a stand

    I used oil based primer on mine and then a few coats of marine enamel over that. Works great and holds up to the lighting in canopies as well as any salt creep and etc. Have done all mine this way and even after a few yrs still look great.
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    BTA Questions

    There are kits to add another PC bulb but it still will be on the low side for lighting for a BTA. They also get pretty big when the grow out and may be a little large for a 14g. Its not that it CANT be done but people advise against it due to it receiving the lower end of lighting it needs in...
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    Super Glue Gel

    I have been buying it there for yrs now and its been great. I did get a run of some I bought and they stayed sealed for a few months. I opened the foil packs and all of them were hard as a rock. If you buy them use them fairly fast but for 1.00 for 3 its a great deal.
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    Refugium turnover rate....?

    The fuge as well as the skimmers benefit from slower moving water. I`m not sure how much goes through mine per hour but its not a whole lot under my 210g. I actually added a small powerhead to the fuge to keep my chaeto slowly tumbling. BTW: I was born and raised in Centerville Ohio. Family...
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    Snakes in upstate NY

    Years ago when I lived ( for 23 yrs) in Fairport/Rochester Ny I got bit by a Northern Water Snake at Letchworth state park. Last time I bothered one of them and luckily it was not poisonous but defensive only. I never saw any poisonous ones while living there and camping in all areas of the...
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    Small Starfish

    Just keep an eye out on them. They can become high in numbers under the right conditions like overfeeding.. I have noticed a few in mine but thats all over the yrs.
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    Small Starfish

    Are they like the ones in the top of this page?? Good read on some starfish kinds
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    Should I get a Six Line Wrasse?

    Thats been the topic here pretty much that they do bother other fish more than they do not. Its really hit or miss if they will bother other fish but it more like 80% they will and 20% they wont. Its better not to get one and find another community fish that will get along all the time
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    how to hang sunpod.

    You can make your own arms like I did for it. I had the hanging wire kit that came with the sunpod so it made it easier. It can be bought separately for about 20.00 from a few places. With about $8.00 in parts and supplies I built my own arms and save $$$ in the process. The arms fit into tubes...
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    Should I get a Six Line Wrasse?

    I have one in my 210 and although they can start out a nice fish in the tank most seem to turn from reading on here. Mine will chase and harass almost all the fish in the tank except for my sailfin who has slashed him a time or two. He also has grown fairly large size over time and is the ONLY...
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    Hey Jeff Long time no talk. Hope things are well with you and your family. Looks like I`m...

    Hey Jeff Long time no talk. Hope things are well with you and your family. Looks like I`m downsizing or getting out. Too many things to do and no time left for the tank anymore....
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    So I get a tube of RTV103 from Grainger today

    I bought some adhesive from a Ace True Value and got it home and it was hard as a rock. Took it back and complained about it and we found the other tubes on the shelf hard too. Got my money back...Went back a few weeks later and ALL of the ones we checked as well as the open one I returned were...