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    Dumbest thing you ever did as a newby

    Cutting out my center brace (while the tank was full) to install new equipment...
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    Best snails for reef tank.

    Hit or miss, but Live Aquaria has them more often than anyone else from what I've seen.
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    Best snails for reef tank.

    Trochus snails are good. They can get good size and eat quite a bit - best of all, they can right themselves if they fall. Long lived too IMO - I have a couple that are probably 4 - 5 years old.
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    How Much Protien Skimmer do I really Need?

    My opinion - it really depends on your load. If you keep a massive amount of fish that crap all over the place, then yeah - I would say get a great big expensive skimmer. If you keep a few small fish in that large tank, I'm sure the bio-filter would handle that just fine and you may not need a...
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    STILL fighting diatoms!!

    It will get thicker and darker - to the point where it will drive you insane. Then it's gone.
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    Anyone have pics of a large Phil's Granulosa Colony?

    Yeah - usually all I ever see are frags, which are great - don't get me wrong.
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    STILL fighting diatoms!!

    If it is diatoms - leave them alone, they go away on their own. The more you mess with things - especially the sand bed - the more they come back. At 4 months, your tank is still burping weird things and still trying to establish itself. Turbos won't eat them BTW.
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    Light for a 35g Hex

    Depends on what you really want to keep. You say LPS and softies... 35 hex's are good size and if it were up to me - at a minimum I would be going with a 175 watt halide with a lumen-mini reflector - even a 250 watt halide with a good reflector - depending on the height of the tank.
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    Anyone have pics of a large Phil's Granulosa Colony?

    I'd like to see pics if you've got them. I'm looking for a crowning jewel or 2 and would like to see what I can expect after some growth. No frag shots please.
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    Where to get Nuke greens and Purple deaths ?

    Check into a local club - you can usually pick them up fairly cheap from club members.
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    mixing carbon and GFO in one reactor?

    No problems. There are some items sold like that - Chemi Pure Elite I think... If you use them both in the same reactor, they settle differently so I would recommend using them in separate reactors - I run mine in tandem. First one is carbon, then GFO.
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    Yellow Wrasse

    It is a great fish to have - constantly foraging about and very peaceful. It is by far more bashful than my little chromis.
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    What salt do you prefer?

    TM Pro for now. I ordered regular TM and got Pro instead...
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    Bubble Magus & Sump Water Level

    I run my NAC6 in approx 9-3/4" - 10" with good results.
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    The Bubble-Magus Club

    MADtanks - the Atman with the meshwheel is a fine pump IMO. I've been using it with my NAC6 since June with not one issue.