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    Innovative Marine 40 Nuvo tank for sale

    Would you sell the spin streams seperate?
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    Any small local swaps coming soon?

    Dave, I was in the city zoo a couple months ago and Mason was talking about having a small swap for locals. The next time you are in there ask him about it. I absolutely agree that the 2 swaps I have been to since getting back into the hobby felt more commercialized than anything else...
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    Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone FS

    If i can make it out there before it sells i will take it. Just not sure when I can get out that way. Ever in horseheads/elmira area?
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    Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone FS

    guesstimate on size?
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    Elmira, Corning, Horseheads Reef Crawl - any interest

    I'd be interested in getting together. I just got back into the hobby so I'm not really able to show my reef off. I would definitely hang out and check out what everyone else is up to! Also I'm a brewer at a local craft brewery. So I could provide some adult beverages!
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    Cully's SCA 120 build

    Looking good buddy! I remember buying a frag of stylo from you, Maybe rainbow? Do you have that banked with anyone so you can bring it over to this build?
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    Announcing the 2016 Queen City Frag Fest - Sunday, April 17 2016

    I saw a flyer on the arc Facebook page. April 4th, 12-4!
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    Hiiiiiii again!

    I just bought an innovative marine fusion aio. Really clean tanks imo.
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    Carbon, GFO & Media Reactors

    Never had an issue with the brs style.
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    Cully's SCA 120 build

    Happens to the best of us! I may or may not have accidentally let 10 bbl or so of wort hit the drain recently...
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    Cully's SCA 120 build

    Been out of the hobby for awhile. Getting ready for a return though! I have a couple of them that I just haven't gotten around to opening.
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    Cully's SCA 120 build

    Looks amazing Cully! How was that BS Tenfiddy?
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    Dry Rock

    No problem! Looking forward to seeing the new setup!
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    Dry Rock

    Have a bunch of live rock that's been sitting in a sump for a long time if interested?