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    I got my fish trained

    it's like the blue angels but with fish!
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    Are there any 30" T5 bulbs out yet?

    i don't think they're planning on releasing 30" T-5s. Even the 30" PC fixtures use 22" bulbs. If you have a canopy I would suggest using a 24" T-5 retro kit and offsetting the lights, this is what many people do with non-standard size tanks.
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    upgrade tek 4x39 to sunpod?

    on a 50g tank, that should be enough for SPS, and you should be able to get decent growth with the right bulb setup....
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    Considering MH, Help Educate a Newb

    2x70w MHs would be drowned out by the current light that you have, and would be too small to affect growth on a tank that size, and IMO would be a waste of money and add unecessary heat to your system.
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    Considering MH, Help Educate a Newb

    well, for extra "umph" you should just add 2 more t5's into your canopy. like a GE6500k daylight (this bulb is a PAR monster and gives really good growth), and an aquablue plus bulb or something. To use MH's as a supplement on that particular tank would be like trying to fit a square peg...
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    Considering MH, Help Educate a Newb

    you have to account for 1-2" for the socket to "hang" down from the mounting surface. So if you have 7" of space now, when you actually mounted the bulbs, they'd be closer to 5" off the water. Also, regardless if you have fans, the closer you mount the bulbs to the water the temp should go up...
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    Considering MH, Help Educate a Newb

    you canopy seems a little too small to keep MHs in there, the usual height people keep MH's over a tank is around 8 inches, give or take a inch or two. If you keep them lower, you'll heat up your tank more, and you'll run a higher risk of water splashing on them and causing them to shatter....
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    UV Sterilizers - pro's and con's?

    Re: Hmmm! Re: Hmmm! The "good" bacteria in your tank resides mostly on the live rock and sand. They are not free floating in the water column so they're not really affected by the UV. The population of pods might be affected, but if you setup your UV in the right spot in your system, you...
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    recommend a reputable freshwater LFS in san jose?

    King Aquarium, they are one of the bigger FW stores in SanJose
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    OT: For IT Geeks.

    You MIGHT (emphasis on MIGHT) be able to make some of the programs work by exporting the registry entries for the programs. Maybe you should try and test it out on your test machine. Just install the software, and import the registry key for that program from the old computer to the new, and...
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    OT: For IT Geeks.

    i'm with jedininja on this one, it's not your job to replicate their computer to whatever its like now, if the software they have on their WS is not "standard" for the rest of the company, then it's their responsibility. As for the files and documents, have everyone copy what they want to...
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    T-5 over 65

    yes, the 39w bulbs are made for 36" tanks with endcaps
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    T-5 over 65

    if you are going to do a mixed reef, then 4x39w should be fine, or 6x39w for heavy sps
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    Shipping Fish

    you might want to ask steve at NewAlameda, or ask Max at Mermaids in fremont.
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    how much light?

    lighting a 6 foot tank to support all corals isn't going to be cheap. but here's a couple of ideas that you might want to consider: 3x250w MHs with T5 or VHO actinic supplements or 6x54w T5 (staggered) running on an Icecap 660 ballast or 4x80w T5 running on an Icecap 660 ballast There's...