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    210 Gallon Pre-Build discussion

    Thanks Aporia. That's a colony of bambam zoanthids. Michael: That's about 120 pounds of Marco rock. I buy all my stuff from Great prices, ship fast and you can e-mail at night and get either an e-mail or phone call back. Fantastic customer service.
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    The master of back with a new big tank...630 gallon..

    The best aquascaping I've seen. Love the elevation changes, awesome corals. He definately is the master.
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    When did the hobby change from showpieces to frags?...

    I do think price plays an important role in the shift in this hobby. Buy a coral, start up the bandsaw, throw those 1/2" frags under blue leds and a disco ball and sell that 'new' morph for $300 a piece with lineage.
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    210 Gallon Pre-Build discussion

    I have a standard 210 with two of the new MP40's on the left and right side. I love the different flow patterns you can get with the Votechs and I think they are quite strong combined with my returns. I can't keep sand in the middle of my tank towards the glass, it just blows away with time...
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    Hermit Crab getting shell jacked... (video)

    LOL hermits are such jerks and they look kinda gross without their shells.
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    When did the hobby change from showpieces to frags?...

    I love frags and the idea behind fragging but I doubt a lot of people frag with the idea in mind of saving the reefs. Since I've been reefing we've had ricordias, zoanthids, sps, acans, Aussie corals now it's chalices that are highly collectible. People spend $300 on a chalice frag and the...
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    Adee's new build

    Very nice build, love your big colonies.
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    clean sandbed

    Sand sifting stars all end up dying from lack of food. That's why I like my Orange spotted diamond goby so much. He sand sifts and eats the food I feed my other fish. He can be a pain in the butt when he decides to build himself a castle using anything he can find to build it with like...
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    Another what are we clown question.

    Sorry for the crappy picture, they are so busy and constantly on the move. What do you guys think, Percula or Ocellaris? thanks!
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    Reef Octopus skimmers what to get?

    I've got a Super Reef Octopuss 3000 on a 210 and it skims nasty, nasty junk. I throw up into my mouth a little everytime I have to clean the cup. Best skimmer ever.
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    Best SPS coral dip?

    LOL they need to put a warning sticker on the bottle because I was sure there was a mix up at the bottling plant the first time I opened up a bottle of Revive and it smelled like Pinesol. I was scared of using it.
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    Black egg crate in Denver?

    Lifereef in Morrison has some.
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    Tank sprung a leak so fire sale

    I'll take the purple staghorn. Can you pm me your address and when you'd like to have it picked up.
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    Bonehead spills. What have you done?

    I flooded our guest bathroom in our old house so much with my RO/DI that we had to replace the rotting floor boards when we retiled it before selling our house.