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  • Hi plyle02,

    can you take a look at this thread?

    As far as I can tell you're experienced with Aquaforest products so your opinion will be much appreciated. As you can see I have algae problem, but very little or almost nothing nutrients so I can not decide whether to feed the corals or not at this point. I have practicly 0 nutrients as long as I'm measuring.(month or so)
    Hello plyle02. I dont know you however I am based in the United Arab Emirates and have recently introduced AQUAFOREST. Your expert advise on using the products will greatly enhance the chances of people understanding the probiotic method better. If you like to join us - Would greatly appreciate it.
    When you say you feed corals at night with a,b,e and v is that the ones in the strong selection? I am not sure which ones to get, can you help?
    Thanks, Larry
    Hey buddy, you will never guess who I have been speaking with today. The owner of AquaForrest. I might need your help getting started.
    Hey man, how's it going? I just got another tank up and running. My 75 is in storage. The apartments here won't let me set it up. I was wondering if you new which salt mix I should go with on this 24g. Only going to be keeping softies most likely. I hope life has been great to you. Talk to you later.

    Hey Perry,
    This is Andrew. We worked together for about a month up in Daytona. We had talked about setting up tanks before I left. I finally have a tank set up now for four months and all is looking great. I am suprised I found the card you gave me with the website. lol. I already dont have enough room to add anything else....
    Hey Perry,

    Hey its Chris. I'm just about to get my tank up asnd running again and transfer everything that survived out of my old one. Ya got some frags you want to get rid of? :). I'm basically starting all over again..

    Chris. 317 847 3730
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