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  • Hey! I must say I am very impressed with your setups in a few of your posts. I have an opportunity that you might be interested in.

    We are an innovation company that does everything different (and usually better)… We’re not afraid to admit we are not experts in setting up aquarium systems so we here looking for someone to help us do this better, and faster! (Helloinnovation.com)

    I am looking for a reef aquarium expert with experience designing and setting-up automated, reliable and redundant fish rooms that can help us architect a simple and automated fish room.
    1) We need the system designed and architected (Diagram, etc..)
    2) We would love for someone to set it up and install it (Not a requirement)

    Work Location: 
Can work from anywhere with the design work, but if you can help install it, we are in Detroit, Michigan.

    If you're up for the challenge please message me so we can exchange additional information and details or email me at ro@helloinnovation.com.

    Question for you; how did the come shaped salt mixing tank work out for you. I am thinking of doing a similar setup myself to mix salt into my rodi. Any advice and experience is much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!
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