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    Does anyone have experience with Heniochus?

    mine ate misis shrimp, pellets, would nibble on nori, i had atapsia at the time i got them, they wiped it out in about 4 days lol, i hade em for about 5 years, came home one day and my ac unit had stopped working and it was in high 90s outside that day very hot in the house, tank got into high...
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    Tiny starfish? Are these good or bad?

    i have hundreds in my tank as well, as also a blue linkia and a serpent, no issues
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    Does anyone have experience with Heniochus?

    i would wait till your system is at least up and running for 6 months min, as for the fish, they are hardy,i dont think you will have any issues
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    Does anyone have experience with Heniochus?

    i had 2 that grew to adulthood in my tank in the past, didnt have any issues with aggression from them or toward them, i thk you will be fine with em
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    where to find a 'good' elegance

    pacificeastaquaculture had some nice ones a few days ago, dr mac always has great stuff
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    Lubbock's Fairy Wrasse strange behavior

    my lubbocks is very social as well, always out and about, jumps rite in the middle of everyone at feeding time, loves black worms lol
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    Help me decide: Coral Beauty or Flame Angel?

    +1 on the flame
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    10 Little, 9 Little, 8 Little Chromis ....

    welcome to the world of chromis ownership:) happens like that to all who have tried that ive seen
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    Tang aggression help

    I agree with dmorty, 125 is to small for even the pbt imo, I would remove the pbt , tempers will only get worse if u don't and sumone will meet their end.
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    Lubbock wrasse

    ive had one for prob about 6 months now, was shy the first week but now is out all the time, hangs out with my pbt constantly. feeding time it is rite there with everyone eating. no one has ever chased or bothered it since introduction. tankmates are, pbt, 2 henochius butterfly,2 chromis...
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    Bannerfish VS Copperband

    I used to have aptasia, I tried two heniochus butterflys and they wiped it out within a week, ive hade them goin on a year now and they are model citizens, no coral nipping at all, not even my zoas. but, this is just my experience with them, every fish is different.
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    Anyone keep 2 PBT in the same system?

    ive kept pbts for years, never tried 2 in the same tank, but def advise against it, one is a plenty, they will stress pretty easy sometimes and having 2 would def elevate the situation.
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    Powder blue tang primer

    coming up on the one year mark for me, got rid of the yellow tang because it started to constantly chase the pbt, that was last summer, since then only the occasional white spots from time to time, ive had pbts in the past and they all have gotten it at sum time, but he eats like a pig, pellets...
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    Naso tang

    I had one for 4 years, very personable, active, will eat from your hand, and in my case was peaceful to everyone in the tank, also mine grew big, very fast lol, I bought him small 3 inch or so, my ex got my tank and all my corals and fish, (which def sux) but she tells me he is still going...
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    How often do you put your hands in your tank?

    every day, barehanded , as stated in previous post in here tangs gota eat lol, ive never an issue because of it.