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  • Hey Bill,

    Noel here. It was a privilege meeting, chatting & having you over as a guest here at NY Reef Club. Our doors will always be opened to friends!!

    I hope all worked out well for you today.

    I'll be sure to stop in from time to time and say Hello.

    Hey bill... Sorry I didn't make it up tonight... Things got caotic... Hey.. Ya wanna ride up with me Sunday to the meeting? :-D
    When you going to get the Bulkheads? Then I'll Help you build the Hofers and get that resolved. Heh

    The net module is mainly for computer and web enabled ell phone users (blockberry. iPhone, ect)...so my initial thought is that for you, it isn;t a big deal becasue you really aren;t a heavy tech user.

    There is one caveat that is worthwhile that may be enough for you to consider it. Chuck's site, reefnook.com has the ability to take the stats of your tank from the net module info and this gives you a great snapshot over time of your tanks trends.

    Chucks site does not collect everything, but it does the important tuff like PH, Temp and such.

    If the idea of long term data storage appeaks to you without taking readings and writing them down every 30 minutes, then this may be your worthwhile reason.
    Helo bill. Hope everything good in your end I was told you have the suction cups from CJ. If so can I use them this Sunday. Thanks zef
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