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    Need small tank recommendations

    I also had a 72g bow front and like the 14BC, I didn't care for the distortion the curves create, plus the fact that it was hard to clean the radius edges. Maybe the 29 is easier, but the smaller the radius, the harder it is to get a scraper that fits.
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    Need small tank recommendations

    Thanks, but no and no. I have been there with a large tank and if that logic held true my 180g would have required very little maintenance which was NOT the case. I could scrub all the rock and do a 100% W/C in a 10g tank in probably 30 minutes tops. It took double that long to clean the...
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    Need small tank recommendations

    Hi all, Thinking about getting back in the hobby after about 8 years away. Now that I have kids, I don't have the time to go back to dealing with a big tank, so I'm thinking about going pico/nano. I want to keep it simple, so AIO (no sumps) and stay between 5-10 gallons at most. I also want...
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    Thinking about returning to the hobby- need tank advice

    Hi all, I need advice please! I sold off my 180g and all my supplies about 6 years ago. I had been in the hobby for about 5 years, although never got the tank to the level I wanted to get to and it was time to move on. I've now got an itch to return, but on a MUCH smaller scale. I'm thinking a...
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    Melev's new 280g Starfire tank thread

    I've been gone from this thread for almost a year (been busy) can some one please give me a quick rundown of what I've missed?
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    Butterflies that eat Aptasia

    It is a total crap shoot with butterflys and peppermints. I have had both (many times) and neither one is completely effective or guaranteed. Butterflies can be an extremely difficult fish to keep for most people, even those with a lot of aiptasia. If you get one that eats it, it will most...
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    Canopy Lift System or Rail System - Need Suggestions

    I was thinking about doing this at one time... then I built a light canopy. As far as a moving system, contemplated using tracks for a sliding door (like on a barn) mounted on the ceiling. The canopy would have been hung from stainless cables that would have allowed the whole thing to move...
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    what is the best way to LOWER alkalinity

    There really isn't anything you can do to lower it safely. It will have to come down on its own. Check out the chemistry forum and read Randy Holmes-Farley's articles on Alk. He may have some pointers I am not thinking of at the moment.
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    ballast on canopy or under tank?

    not sure I understand your Q. What kind of lights are you installing? Most ballasts dont need a fan to keep cool as long as they have adequate airflow around them.
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    what is the best way to LOWER alkalinity

    You can do a W/C as long as its not the reason the alk is high. The only other thing you can do is wait and let it fall on its own...which it will. I doubt that the alk caused your clam to die.
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    The different between using Kalk stirrer and calcium reactors !

    A kalk stirrer is just that... a device that stirs a kalkwasser solution. It is used to keep higher concentrations of it in suspension during dosing. While it helps get the most from the kalk, it cannot make up for the fact that Kalk is not the best choice to try and raise Ca levels...too much...
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    ballast on canopy or under tank?

    Where you chose to mount it makes absolutely no difference as long as... 1. It cant get wet 2. It gets the airflow it needs to not overheat. I personally have 3 t5 ballasts mounted on top of my canopy. The top is recessed so you cant even tell they're there and both criteria above are met.
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    Melev's new 280g Starfire tank thread

    Ok... I've been away from this thread for about 4 months. Can I get a recap of everything I missed please? :D
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    Starting 224 gallon build. Need opinions!

    I would post this in the Large Reef Tank forum. There are some people there that have done this kind of thing and can help better. How much electricity you will need will vary a lot based on the components you use for the tank. Anywhere from 1-4 x 20amp circuits may be required.
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    Cleaning of Storage Containers...

    A 50/50/50 mix of water, white vinegar and manual scrub down will clean them right up. Rinse and drain well with clean water...good to go.