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    Bulk fish purchase

    First time I tried, my lfs sold me 12 orange and 12 black and said it would be fine. An orange and black paired up, they stressed and killed the rest. I'm giving it one more try with all the same clutch and color.
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    Bulk fish purchase

    clown harem tank
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    Bulk fish purchase

    Anyone know of a person breeding or a business that sells clownfish in bulk. Looking for 20+.
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    Ozone and safety

    I purchased a large 360 mg/hr ozone unit that's generated by uv bulb. I'm using a vertex skimmer and the ozone works great but I smell it in the room with 5-10 mins. I've only used it off and on. Wonder if this seem like a bad thing or how long ozone lasts in a skimmer. Thanks for the help.
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    Mitras LX7 Project

    Mitras LX7 Project What makes you think it's not a good light? If it's growing coral and the color is good, Its a good light. looks like it's a good light. I've had mh, t5 and leds and they all grow at similar rates imo.
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    Vertex Skimmer club

    I purchased a vertex omega 180i skimmer and I want to use ozone. I cant find anywhere how much milligram wise i can use.
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    Vertex replacement parts

    contacted Adam via email. Received a reply within a few hours and ordered my part. Its already shipped. Seem pretty easy to get ahold of vertex to me.
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    Snootch's 55G Reef Savvy Semi Cube

    Does anyone know how he connected the rapidLED hanging kit to the 80/20????
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    best aquarium manufacture 2017

    I was torn between red sea, crystal dynamics and planet. I picked planet for speed, quality and price.
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    cadlights artisan differences

    After all the debating, I purchased a planet aquarium with synergy reef overflow. I hope you are all happy! :P
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    I plan to do something similar to my light fixture. I have the 80/20 and the hanging kit. How...

    I plan to do something similar to my light fixture. I have the 80/20 and the hanging kit. How did you attach the hanging kit to the 8020? does the mounting screws that 8020 use, work with the hanging kit? If not how did you do it?
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    Pacific Sun Pandora hyperion hybrid Fanclub

    I just got my pandora fixture. Has anyone used 80/20 aluminum to hang the fixture. I think that would look quite clean. Otherwise I was going to install a track on the ceiling and run them up that way. Just figure I would ask.
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    red sea reefer 425xl 525xl cabinet dimensions

    I cant seem to find the dimensions of the cabinet. Im looking for the two compartments.
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    cadlights artisan differences

    I am so confused. What is the difference between Artisan I and II just the tank and stand. I have everything else. I states it has 2 drains II states its 3 drains is that the difference? doesnt mention a return tho.
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    elos or like brand

    Want a bigger system and want a sump. They make nice tanks but Im pretty sure they are all in one.