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    Best 4 bulb t5 combo for coral color

    I have a Marineland high output t5 fixture on my 75 gal mixed reef. Currently have 2 zoo med ultra sun 6,500k bulbs with one coral sun actinic and one ocean sun 10,000k. Coral growth is good but color is not so good. Any suggestions to boost the color without upgrading to a new fixture.
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    Two anemone on new live rock, Aiptasia maybe?

    I have had good luck with peppermint shrimp. From what I have read it's best to have a small group so that there is competition for the aiptasia as a food source. I don't have a LFS were I live and had a bad case of them in my tank. I put 3 peppermint shrimp in my tank and they cleared it up in...
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    phosphate question

    Is it possible to have high phosphates and 0 nitrates? My sand has a heavy rust colored film that won't go away. I do 15% water change each week. I only use RODI water. My ph is 8.2 and nitrates read 0.
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    BRS RODI question

    If I leave it alone it takes on a wavey jello appearance. Not fuzzy. Might have to go bare bottom.
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    BRS RODI question

    Regular crushed coral sand with a couple bags of live sand. If not diatoms then what else. It stands op to flow pretty well short of blowing my sand all over the tank. This has just recently started ocuring.
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    BRS RODI question

    If my DI resin is depleted will my TDS meter tell me? I,m having a problem with a rusty brown film on my sand bed (diatoms i think). I do 15% water change once a week and i vacuum the entire 2-3 inch deep sand bed as well. This stuff grows fast. within minutes of cleaning the sand it starts to...
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    Is an in-home RO/DI worth it?

    Def. a must have. Its water on demand and you can be sure that you water quality is always going to be spot on. check out Bulk Reef Supply.
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    Anyone have these LED's?

    Has anyone tried the Marine & Reef Full Spectrum Performance LED Strip Light from Fluval? I currently have a 48" marineland T5-48 deluxe lighting fixture with 4 54 watt t5's in it. I noticed that the Fluval LED is 46watt for the 46" model. Anyone with feed back would be a big help
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    BRS reef saver rock question.

    cool. thanks.
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    BRS reef saver rock question.

    does anyone have any experience with the BRS Reef saver rock? I want to use PVC to create a frame work for the aquascaping and was wondering if it is easy to drill?
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    Purple Up

    i have been out of the hobby for a few years now but can't wait to get back in. It's good to know that i can count on the RC family for good advice. thanks all :beer:
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    Purple Up

    Really? I have been out of the hobby for quit a while now as there are no reef supply stores within a hundred miles of were I live. This stuff was like liquid gold. All of the local reef stores were i used to live said it was the best. Sad.....
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    Purple Up

    Does anyone know if Purple Up has a shelf life? There is no expiration date on the bottle. it has been stored in a cool dry place for about a year. was wondering if it's okay to use.
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    I need your Oceanic RODI filter feedback.

    I have been looking at RO/DI filters for a while now. I came across a Oceanic brand 4 stage 75gl per day unit on ebay for $95.00. It's brand new in the box. Never been used. It comes with all of the filters and connectors but no TDS meter. Does anyone have any feedback or experience with...
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    RODI question.

    I was pretty much sold on the 5 stage plus before posting here. Seems to be great quality plus i love all of the videos for how to install the RODI unit. It comes with all of the needed hardware to install including a TDS meter and as Mixed Reef pointed out free shipping! Thanks for all of...