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  • Hi...I'm getting back in after a 7 year hiatus...we used to be friends!
    Are you still reefing?!
    sup dood! I called you today but no answer? Figured you were busy which is a good thing!
    This is a contemporized Rhulmann/art deco inspired style design. The body would be Rosewood with contrasting holly or maple stripping. the "legs" are Wenge or maybe Bubinga. What looks like a kitchen cabinet kicker at the bottom is really an 1/2" darker inset to make it look kike it's sitting on legs - I might take this element out.

    The design assumes a 48x24 tank. The shelf around the top might be solid rose wood (expensive) or something that won't contrast with the rose wood.

    This will be different and a bit complicated to build ( a nice challenge) and we would probably retail this at $2K or more - a high end peice. A furniture piece made in the same style would sell for >$5-7K, so anyone with an appreciation for fine studio furniture will think this is a steal.

    I'd incorporate what will be my signature electronics bay inside the front doors.

    If you don't like it, I have other ideas in mind.

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