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  • You may never see this, but you have one of the sweetest tanks I've seen on YouTube. I've been planning a peninsula tank very similar to yours and always keep my eyes open for anything you post regarding your tank. Like they say, "find a tank you like and do your best to emulate that success", well something like that anyway.
    I'm new to the hobby and am absolutly impressed with your reef tank. I would love to know your complete build. I would like to copy your setup step by step and also what do you feed your corals.?
    Hey man. I just saw your sunset monripora on youtube and joined reef central to let you know thats amazing coral. Probably the best reef video i have seen so far. Nice work man. I hope my tank will look that good. Please let me know if you ever frag that mont. I have been looking at the sunset but havent seen one with that much color
    that sucks now i have to remove it from that rock which its already incrusted.thanks for answering.i was starting to wonder why i had an rc account no one ever answers my questions.
    i have a rainbow montipora on a big rock with zoas and palys will the montipora take over the rock until there's no more palys and zoas on it.
    Hi Pete,
    Was wondering about your choice of lighting. Did you ever consider going with some MH bulbs, along with either VHO or T5s for atinics? Your lighting looks awesome, and I see others recommend MHs.
    not yet - looking at a 110 today, sorry it took so long to get back to you but I haven't been on RC for a couple months
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