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    Back to reefing !

    After a several year hiatus do to health conditions, I’m back to reefing. Shut down my 210 and recently purchased a Biocube 32. Thanks John for resurrecting my previous account! Hard to believe I joined here in 1999!!!
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    Where's my replacement?

    Called and paid for a replacement for my radion that crapped out 12 days ago and no replacement received yet. This is twice the fans went out. First time, you guys were quick with the replacement, but not this time. What's going on?
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    Slippery Rock Corals Expierence

    I'll be in Punxsutawney for Thanksgiving. Anyone know of any places in the area for corals,etc. ? I would need a contact # or address? Slippery Rock corals sounds like a good place to visit. Thanks.
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    USB Jack Dust Cover

    It's $9 for 3 of them. Still pretty expensive. I know because I just had to order a replacement.