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  • muelleri butterfly,it is just like a copperband andy, will try to post a pic tonight.
    yeah definitely mai,wanna stop by one of these days to check out your tank and LEDs,can I use your leds with soderless kits,do your supplier sell it too? lmk because I would like to order leds and parts,thanks.
    Pete, I am happy with the China LEDs. You are welcome to stop by and see. I want to change the Meanwell driver to the one I post for group buy. I don't like the MeanWell Drivers. I got some China driver and they run very good with higher PAR.
    seen your tank on the led tanks nice job! im gonna have to look into that led kit. if you frag any time let me know.
    ok sounds good Chad,have some frags for you so just call me and come over to Petes pet shop lol.
    Still not ready Pete. It seems like its getting better but it will probably be another month.
    I really like your set up - excellent job! I went on to see their kits and I was wondering what options you went with for your DIY. Did you do 36 or 48 per unit? From your pics it looks like you dont have optics, correct? Did you do 1:1 B to W? Im planning to put three units over my 150 similar to yours. Any additonal information would be extremely helpful and much appreciated. THANKS!
    they are DIYs from reefledlights,the one on the left is the soderless and it was easy to put together,about I would say 4 to 5 hours to put together,thanks. Like them so much that I feel like putting two more on my 120 with the soderless kit.
    Nice LED's!! Are those DIY or purchased as is? I'm interested in your lights, any info would be great.
    Thanks, Greg
    Okay Pete Im going to see what is required for the bran he is selling if they need that stuff ill try yours. Let me know if you want to go tomorrow we're leaving at 2.
    Hey, Sorry but I have only seen how ca reactors work but never set one up, Im sure if you post on the fourm someone would be willing to help.
    Could you post some pictures of them or e-mail them to me? Are you close to a train station at all? My e-mail is
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