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  • Actually, Jolson has the monticap colony to give away! You know my brain! Been in ER 2x in ladt week! Lol
    But im ok
    Hey ernie, i cant get thru to the last phone number i have from you. Im worried, hope all is well brother! Call me and vicky if you could. I am planning on getting a piece of monti from sohal who lives right by you on sat or sunday! We would love to see you!
    He also has a nice monti colony he is giving away, im hoping he hasnt promised it yet' lol
    Put in a word for me. It would be the focal point of my scant corals in my new reef! I gave up on the old one. Never got it back to life after the palytoxin! Oh well.
    Please call me bro!
    Love ya, tommy
    If they won't let you on here let me know and I will buy a few tickets and give a donation. I am also looking for a 15 gal tall. 20x10x18 if you have one I would buy that also. Also looking for a skimmer for that 15 that I plan on making my sump.
    I just saw the post with your jacuzzi pump for sale. I realize this was quite some time ago but I am wondering if you still have it and if it works? I am interested in purchasing...where are you located?
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