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    Looking for a tank

    My tank started leaking/seeping toward the top and I am in need of another...looking for a 150-180 Gal. Not looking to break the bank, Let me know what you have Thanks, Ernie.
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    Salt mix

    Haven't added anything but it is still high today 15.5, still churning...I have been having Alk issues for a bit but this is way out of whack. Anyone experiencing high Alk levels in their Instant Ocean mixes? I am Using RODI TDS free water and using Hanna Checker for testing. Have also used...
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    Salt mix

    I have been experiencing higher than normal Dkh in my freshly mixed salt mixes...and a brand new one that is churning now, it is at 16.6! (after mixing over nite)What is the best way to lower it while in the bucket? Little bit of vinegar maybe should do the trick. Thoughts... Thanks, Ernie
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    Not getting the flow I was expecting

    Yes, you will have more flow with lower pressure with a larger diameter return. I just upgraded my return pump recently. I had to run it at 90% to get the flow rate I needed. Not happy, I replaced the return nozzles with 3/4" and now I only have to run my return pump at 45% for the flow I want...
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    Tip of the week:

    Ok, think I would have learned the first time: Sump bottleneck. Have been experiencing high nitrate and phosphate readings over the last few months despite water changes and running GFO. Well it seems that my sump is once again the culprit. We all know that biological filtration is the key to...
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    What are you using for light sets ups?

    Running 3 AI SOL Blues on my them.
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    Help me get this frag rack out of display

    Still have the Rainbow Stylo? Interested.
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    Rising Ca!

    For some time now, after an all of a sudden what happened moment with my semi-tank crash last fall I cannot keep my Ca down. I do have a theory...I have over time added quite a few real coral heads replacing certain pieces of Lr in my display tank, to give it that "real" ocean look. Are the...
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    Euphyllia for sale

    Price drop...$60 for 9 heads. Also would like to trade for an Acan, Lobo or Acro.
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    WTT Stylo

    I would like to trade a nice piece of purple stylo for a piece of rainbow, green or pink stylo. Thanks, Ernie
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    Euphyllia for sale

    I have a Grape Euphyllia crostata that has Broken off during re-aquascape, it is a 9head cluster @10.00 head. Will send pic. If interested give me a text at 330.281.9424 cross posted. Thanks!
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    35 Gal. Midwest FS

    Ok, tired of walking around it...$300
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    35 Gal. Midwest FS

    Wish I could...LOL! Just trying to get a bite. Can't really part out, it is a custom stand, tank and canopy system that is matched dimensionally. Would be a good species tank...Make me a decent offer?
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    Looking for frags

    Just got back from LEAR swap, need to make room for new. Give me a text 330.281.9424 will send pics. Hobbyist trade prices.