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  • Hi r-balljunkie,
    I'm Romy from Island of Saipan next Island from Guam. I'm using NSW for my tank but I noticed every time i collect corals for my tank a few days later all corals start to bleach do I need to use synthetic salt ? which brand it best for sps?
    hi hope everything is doing goog for you. i have a question or 2 about the denitrator. my total water volume on my system is 45 gal. what i have figured is that it will take .27 litre of mid west aquatic's sulfur media, wich is basicaly 10 .oz-.lb would that be correct? also would it hurt to use to much carib sea course arm media? i was going to use the whole gallon= 10 lb's i have just finished mu denitrator and fixed 2 leak's after doing the leak test. i have it running right now with no media in it to make sure all leak's are fixed. it has been running 12 hour's with no leak's. i would like to get this thing cyling sat or sunday i plan on running 10 gallon's threw it before letting it drip back into my refuge.

    thank's for your time . pat
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