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    bubble counter fluid

    Glycerin - found at CVS. I never had problems with it.
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    Hi Are you willing to sell for $100.00 shipped? Eileen

    Hi Are you willing to sell for $100.00 shipped? Eileen
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    AGA 155g Bowfront Tank

    Thanks! The tank has finally found a great home with a good friend :D
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    Acclimation Box

    I'm wondering if something like this can be fitted to euro-braced tank? Slojmn - what customizations did you have Tyler make?
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    AGA 155g Bowfront Tank

    Tank is available once again. Please pm if you are going to pick up with a firm date.
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    AGA 155g Bowfront Tank

    Taithao35 as you can see it's still pending. I will post again when the status changes
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    AGA 155g Bowfront Tank

    72" Length 18" Depth towards the ends 24" Depth at the middle
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    AGA 155g Bowfront Tank

    Hi I have a 155g reef-ready bowfont tank with original stand for sale. Asking price is $200.00
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    Ian's 225 Lee-Mar upgrade

    Dang - those little clowns are fat
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    Ricordea yumas tend not to have pests on them - the plugs they are on might. Good luck on the yumas
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    Engineer Goby babies. Thoughts?

    Love the little fish (props up!) and definitely love the lego's!!!!
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    Advice on new fish for tank

    Virgatus Rabbitfish (6"), Magnificent Foxface (2"), Flame Angel, pair of Ocellaris Clownfish, two dime sized PJ cardinals. Planning on adding on a a few Anthias down the road, and some colorful Chromis. As far as corals I don't have very many (planning on moving towards the end of the year)...
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    New or Used MP40

    Depends on who you buy it from imo. I've bought used MP 40 from a fellow local reefer who was relocating out of the area. Pump works fine.